Sunday, November 7, 2010

Where's Waldo?

Seriously, where is Waldo? I mean, why is he hiding from us? Did he do something wrong? Is he some kind of stalker? Why are we conditioning children on people like Waldo, who is obviously a horrible human being to be hiding from us all... Woah dude, step back a little.

Sometimes I go on tangents. Like tangent lines in calculus... Which we are learning about... We also learned about the Sandwich Theory in calculus one day. All I heard was "sandwich" and then I went off to some other place in my brain. I imagined huge sandwiches and we used derivatives of y=x² to figure out the amount of ingredients needed. It was a fun daydream.

Anyways, back to Waldo. I wonder if they have ever printed one of those pictures without having put Waldo in it. I mean, what if one day they just forgot? What would happen? Could they get sued for false advertising? What about those lawyers? Can't you just imagine one of those infamous commercials
"If you or a family member have looked for Waldo on page 12 of the 5th edition of
Where's Waldo and ruined your eyes or had to get glasses after hours upon hours of endless searching with no finding, you may be entitled to a settlement of $3.00 or less! Call 1-800-UST-UPID for free consulting!"
I would call just to tell them that I found Waldo.

And what if Waldo was just super easy to find? Here are some examples:

1. What if Waldo had a GPS attached to his wrist? I mean, you could know his exact coordinates without even ever having to look for him! No more non-useful strain on the eyes! The easy-peasy way to find Waldo! Little kids could learn about technology while searching for the all-elusive Waldo.

2. What if he just got fat. Just plain ol' 562.7 pounds. If he weighed that much then it wouldn't be hard at all to find him! His fat body would be all over the page! His crazy self!

Would that be cheating or what?

What if Waldo is a REAL person who wears blue pants, striped shirt, and striped beanie all the time? Could he be charged with a copy-write infringement ooooooor could he be the real Waldo and the Where's Waldo books are all based on his life! Like a biography! Totally.

Either way, Waldo is pretty cool.

Keep it chilly readers!

P.S. I'm trying to replace "cool" with "chilly", makes for more interesting conversations.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ducks Are Buff!

So, although many people believe that ducks are skinny and should be hunted for duck soup and other things such as that, they are completely and totally wrong. Never believe a word they say, because they don't know what they are talking about.

So the other day I was watching a looney tunes comic when I spotted Daffy Duck. Now, I know that most everybody thinks of him with skinny arms and a face that just can't get blown off, correct? Wrong. Daffy is a prime example of a buff duck. He works out regularly and has one of those bodies that just doesn't stop. All the other ducks are really jealous of him, which is completely fine, as they should be. He is nearly invincible as well. No matter how many times he is shot at, blown up, destroyed, kicked, punched, and just plain beat up, he always survives. Isn't that correct? Yeah, that's what I thought.

If you don't believe all that stuff about dear old Daffy, just go out and observe some ducks in the wild, aren't they pretty kickass? I surely would NOT pick a fight with one, they are almost as good at kung-fu as Pandas are. Take my advice, stay away from them, unless you manage to befriend one, in which case you are pretty much set for life. You could also hire them as body guards, it would be a good idea.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cedric The Seahorse

He is a quiet seahorse, but doesn't mind a good conversation every now and then. You have to be interesting for Cedric to like you, because otherwise how could talking to you make good conversation? He likes to eat sunlight, it tastes good. He eats it because the sun is yellow, just like he is, and he feels special eating it. Of course, him eating sunlight makes him seem sort of like a plant... Except that he actually digests the light, he doesn't do weird stuff with leaves. Though if you think about it, his fins could be like leaves, wouldn't that be neat?

I once had a picture of Cedric the seahorse, but I lost it. Too bad, as that you would have loved to see him. He's a handsome seahorse. He is full of pride, and is fantastic in all his seahorsey ways. He needs a cell phone. That way I could text him all the time. The coolieo.

Okay, he wants me to tell you a bit about his background. He came from two seahorses (I don't know their names, sorry) and he loves them a lot. He has three lives (another story, another time perhaps) and is currently living his first. He likes water, which he owes to the fact that he lives in it. His favorite types of music include classical, jazz, and dance. His philosophy on life is composed of many things, but he just wanted me to include the most important right now. He thinks that you should eat chocolate a lot, dance to all types of music, be random at all times, and to just keep swimming. His full philosophy on life includes 52 seperate points and he lives to it faithfully.

He is one amazing seahorse, as you can very well see. And you should respect him with all your brain power. So stay cool and don't let him out of your every thinking minute.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Okay, so lately, some of my friends have been introducing me to some of the popular pop music that people are listening to now-a-days. Frankly, I found that I really like it. It's tons of fun to dance to. I call it "lightningy music," if that makes any sense to you.

In fact, my new favorite song is She's Got Me Dancing by Tommy Sparks. If you didn't know before, that is the song used on the new iPod Nano commercial, and that's how I found it, but it is still pretty freakin' awesome! Go check it out if you haven't heard it before, it's pretty sweet. But anyways, this song is an 80's-ish pop song that has traces of rock in it. I dance to it every morning! I love it.

As I got introduced to this genre of music that has been out of my life for WAY too long, I decided to go onto iTunes and then browse the top ten list of pop music. Most everything on there I liked, so I bought myself some music, and have been listening to it ever since. That was about a week ago, and as seeing that I still like those songs that I got, I have to say that I am a big fan of pop music.

The other day, when considering pop music, I reflected on what it would be like to go back in time and start to tell someone what pop music was like. Then I realized that they would probably give me a strange look and say "Pop Music? Do you mean... Soda Music?" Regardless, I think it would be very interesting to go back in time and see what the people back then would think about types of music from this age. This is why I need a time traveling device... That would be AMAZING.

Let's see, I'll need one card-board box, open side up, and some goggles. (that's from Calvin and Hobbes. If you don't read it, you need to. Then you might get that joke) Okay, now I'm getting off topic. But really, that is all I really have to say about Pop Music. If you listen to it, awesome, if you don't, you need to. YEAH!!!